CSC Locator – Common Service Center Locations

CSC Locator – How to find a nearest csc locator from your location. The following article will teach you on how to find the CSC locator and VLE locator.

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Two Different Ways To Find Out the CSC locator in India.

Portal – 1

From the following portal – The portal was designed by the official website.

Here is the link for that –

After opening of that link, you are now allowed to see the following details online :

  • Enter state Name
  • Enter District Name
  • Choose the Block
  • You have again two options here to choose –

Either through Village Name


  • VLE Name
  • Then after just click on search

Once you click on search it automatically start displaying the list of CSC’s nearby your location.

Note – As it is officially website, the data provide on apna csc website is accurate. If you already own a CSC, but unable to find your address through locator. Then you can contact the CSC through official Email Or contact through phone number.

Here is the list of contact details :

  • Help desk Number : 180030003468
  • Email Id –

So, that they can add your csc in the list.

If you do have any doubts let me know. We do help you out.

Updated – As we came to know that official website portal is not working properly. So we came up with the new portal where you can find all the locations near by your location.

There you go:

Portal – 2:

Here is the another portal where you can search the nearest locations with complete details:

Link Here :

Once you check into that website, now all you supposed to do is to enter the details as shown follows:

Here also you have Three different ways to find out:

  • Through VLE Name
  • Search VLE By District
  • Search VLE By SCA

You can opt for any option.

We are pretty sure that, the details which were provided right over there as accurate.

CSC Latest News and Updates:

Here are the latest news about the Apna CSC’s:

Apna dhan is going to be a game changer for enabling payments to rural India

Common service centers are from now on register for the Apna Dhan, as it will enable them to disburse direct benefit transfer for the citizens in rural areas.

With the launching of UPI – By the RBI Governor for the first time in the country apna dhan for csc’s are improved significantly

It has been stated on their news site as : All VLE’s are requested to register the Apna Dhan as early as possible.

If you do have any doubts related to apna dhan – then do contact the official Email Id Here –

Another News:

Videos On CSC Services are now on Youtube

If you just started or a new VLE. Then you must check out here:

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