Apna CSC

Apna CSC represents as a Common service center. As a part of Digital India, this new innovative concept was launched. At apna csc, you will learn everything related to common service center program and how to apply for it, about VLE and other details about the common service center. For more information about the CSC subscribe to our blog here.

  • What is CSC?

As we already covered, CSC is a common service center.  CSC’s are accessing points for delivering the various G2C and B2C services, i.e… Government to Citizens and Businesses to citizens respectively. CSC’s are responsible for to deliver the various electronic digital services throughout the India, where individual persons who have basic knowledge on the computer can start their own CSC office under the SCA and follow by SDA.

With the help of the Digital India program, Apna CSC is more likely to help our nation into digital sector, financially inclusive society.

The main motto of this program as follows:

  • Digital Infrastructure as a core utility to every citizen
  • Governance and services on demand
  • Digital empowerment of citizens

Apna CSC scheme – How To Participate?

How to participate in CSC, the following guide will let you know the complete information about the Apna CSC.

As per the rules and regulations, on their official website this is what they were stated as:

The person who is planning to apply for Apna CSC – common service center should be a local person.

  • Minimum age of that applicant should be 18+.
  • Education qualification – The applicant should have passed 10th grade from a recognized state or central board.
  • Can able to well communicate in local language & Reading. Also, the applicant should have a basic English knowledge as a part of secondary.
  • Since the work is completely done on the computer ( Digitally) the person needs to have a basic computer skill which helps him/her for the faster process.

CSC’s are a part of Digital India providing the various g2c and b2c service, the applicant should esteem towards his work with utmost dedication.

Applicable to both rural and urban sectors. However, you also need to submit the infrastructure details. Below we shared the complete guide for this. Hope it will help.

The infrastructure required for Apna CSC:

There you go the list of infrastructure required to launch the common service center online.

Since most of the work should have done through computer/PC. You need to have at least basic configuration for your system. These details were officially shared by the CSC.gov.in official website here.

  • Either Computer or Laptop you need to have original license Windows software xp-sp2 or above
  • Need to have at least 120 GB of hard disk drive.
  • RAM – Minium 512 MB, but we suggest to choose to go for 1 GB.
  • UPS – Should have the potential of at least 5 hours backup.
  • Black and white printer, color printer, and scanner for sure.
  • CD/DVD Drive are mandatory
  • For Photos – Web camera or Digital camera.

Internet Connection – Broad Band / Wireless connection / V -SAT connection. As per our suggestion go with 5Mbs+ plan for easy process.

  • For banking services you need to have a – Biometric / IRIS Authentication scanner.

CSC is one of the largest government approved online service channel in India. The following guide will let you know the complete information about the Apna CSC online service in India.

Main Key Objectives Of Apna CSC 2.0:

  • At least one CSC per gram panchayat. More than one should be preferred.
  • Empowering District e-governance society further by implementation into district level.
  • Enabling the online service under one technology thereby make it as transparent, efficient and traceable.

Empowering women into VLE’s Village Level Entrepreneur for sharing the maximum revenue by enabling the transparent e-governance service to the village people.

Apna CSC – E-Governance Service India Limited


Apna CSC E-Governance Service India Limited is a special purpose which is incorporated under the companies act 1956 by the departments of Electronics & Information Technology, Govt of India to monitor and implementation of the common service center all around India. It provides various Digital services. Here is the list of various services which are offered by the CSC SPV:

  • G2C services are enabled in all states GOI/STATES/UTs For delivering the services.
  • Integration of E-Governance services ( Central/State/MMPs) and NIC driven Applications.
  • State Designated Agencies (SDA) are responsible to setup CSC portal all around the state, by Integrating the API, Gateway.

Implementation of all G2C services and B2C services.

Educated people who are living in Villages should motive towards the Village Level Entrepreneurs.(VLE) and other stakeholders.

Village Level Entrepreneurs:

Village Level Entrepreneurs are the ones who operate the CSC’s. The person who is running the CSC is a key to the success. And, it’s direct impact on the central Government. He/She should have a strong commitment towards their work. A

He/She should have a strong commitment towards their work. A CSC operator can provide all the services under G2C and B2C services online across in his village or town.

Before you need to open a CSC, you must qualify the CSC exam which is conducted by the SDA. We do cover the complete information on how to apply or CSC registration process online.

Do check it out. If you do have any doubts related to the information about the Apna CSC registration online. Then do leave a comment here at the end of the post.

Features of CSC portal:

CSC portal aka official website csc.gov.in – where you can register your details. Below we do cover some of the features about the csc.gov.in.

  • Csc.gov.in is a one step solution for various G2C services and B2C services.
  • Secure prepaid wallet payment system.
  • Separate dashboard for VLE’s
  • E-Taal transactions.

List Of Various Services Offered By The Apna CSC portal

Approx.. All Government services were offered by the CSC. Like applying for aadhar card, pancard, voter Id card, and also other B2C services. Here we do cover the list of the services which were offered by the apna csc.

IRCTC services – All you need to have a pan card and address proof as an Agent. Through this, you can book IRCTC tickets for your local or village people who are in need.

Pan Card Service – Pan card official website and CSC -common service center official website were integrated with each other to provide the pan card service to the users.

Through csc portal you can create a new pancard, or make any correction changes, update in pan card and other services. It’s all up to you to choose for this service or not.

Passport Application – Through CSC portal, you can fill a new passport application for the new users, and also help them to pay the fee via any credit/debit/net banking through a minimal charge.

And, you can also advise them to go for passport Kendra for verification.

Other services like:

  • Income Tax Returns
  • Digital Locker

The complete list for you:

Various G2C Services Offer for you:

  • Passport
  • Insurance Services
  • LIC, SBI, ICICI, DHFL & other insurance companies
  • E- Nagrik and E-District Services
  • NIOS registration
  • Apollo
  • NIELT services
  • Aadhaar card Enrolling Services
  • Pancard
  • Electricity & Water Bill Services.

List of Various B2C Services:

  • Online Cricket Course
  • Ticket Booking services -IRCTC, Bus, and Plane Tickets.
  • Mobile And DTH Recharge
  • CSC Bazaar
  • E-Learning

The above is the list of various services which were offered by the Apna CSC. To learn more information about the various services like G2C and B2C services just do leave a comment here at the end of the post. We do help you out.

Education Services Offered By The CSC’s:

  1. National Digital Literacy Mission
  2. Gram Yojana

Computer course for VLE’s – Village Level Entrepreneurs’s, VLE’s are responsible for maintaining the CSC, as of now approx 1,00,000 CSC were serviced throughout the India in different locations.

Financial Literacy:

  • NABARD – Financial Literacy Program
  • Investor Programme

For More Information about the Apna CSC. Just do leave a comment here at the end of the post here.